The power to protect

People or planet? When the world is on the brink of a climate catastrophe, when countries are being plunged into famine… who do we support first? The answer is both – it’s always been both. In our new campaign for CARE International, we focus on the women protecting both.

The current global hunger crisis is being exacerbated by climate change. The two cannot be solved independently of each other.

In recent years, the world has seen some of the fiercest floods and most devastating droughts wipe out crops, kill livestock and destroy farmland. And as always, it’s the poorest and most vulnerable who are first to succumb to hunger. 

But there is a simple, effective answer. 

Our new winter campaign for CARE, Power to Protect, celebrates the women on the frontline of the climate emergency. They’re driving change – for themselves, their children and their community. All they need are simple, tangible tools.

In our DRTV ad which launched this week, you’ll see how climate-resistant seeds and farming tools are the cost-effective key to turning barren land into lush, green crops that can feed children and mitigate the effects of desertification. But that’s just the start of women’s Power to Protect.

CARE likes to do things differently – which is one of the reasons we love working with them. Their innovative solutions have enabled communities to plant trees that reduce flooding, take on eco-friendly farming practices, and even grow crops in the desert – through ingenious mobile kitchen gardens. 

Unlike traditional DRTV, the people we portray aren’t victims of climate change and hunger. These are strong, determined women who have the power to protect so much. All we need to do is provide the tools.

Nayyar Mughal Associate Creative Director
24 November 2021
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