Insights from a record-breaking response: The Ukraine Crisis

Insights from a record-breaking response:  The Ukraine Crisis

On February 24th 2022, we were all shocked and horrified by the invasion of Ukraine - we now mark a grim six-months milestone of this continuing crisis. Read our insightful thought leadership report for reflections on Ukraine appeals and more.

Conflict that once felt like a far away issue, had suddenly 'hit home' for many of us.

The charity sector experienced an incredible surge in donations to support the Ukraine emergency. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal that we helped launch raised over £30million in 24 hours and broke the world record for money donated online in a week.

As we reflect, six months on, as strategists and fundraisers, we want to understand: why? What was so different and alarming about the Ukraine crisis that led to this record-breaking performance?

To uncover some insight around donor attitudes and motivations, Open and DiscoverAi collaborated to pull together a report that looked at conversations online in the weeks after the invasion and what learnings we as fundraisers might take forward into future emergency appeals.

Read the full report here.

Sarah Fitzgerald O’Connor Strategy Director
24 August 2022
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