Get our guide to integrated campaigns

Get our guide to integrated campaigns

Smashing the Silos draws on years of experience developing integrated campaigns. Download your copy today!

Silos are the bane of the charity sector. 

Some of the biggest and most impactful charities out there are held back by their teams working to cross purposes. Fundraisers, campaigners, brand marketers and programmes staff are all too often working with separate objectives, budgets and creative.

We’ve lived with silos for long enough. It’s time to work differently. To integrate, and speak louder and clearer by focusing and concentrating our efforts. If we can smash the silos that hold us back, there’s no end to what our sector can achieve.

In Smashing the Silos, Open shares lessons learned from working on integrated campaigns with dozens of charities. They make the case for integration, set out the seven steps to building a fully integrated campaign, and set the vision of what our sector could achieve with more collaboration.

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